My Week Curating for We the Humanities

We the Humanities is a rotation-curation project that I first heard about on Twitter from Krissie West, one of the project's founders. Basically, each week a different person rotates tweeting for We the Humanities, which has a following base of academics, teachers, parents, students, and others interested from around the world. My week came up … Continue reading My Week Curating for We the Humanities

Introducing Students to Twitter Literacy

I use twitter in my classroom to give more introverted students opportunities to participate without having to raise their hands and speak out. It isn't something they encounter in many of their classes, so it takes some time to introduce them to Twitter, help them set up professional or discard accounts, and get them to … Continue reading Introducing Students to Twitter Literacy

Teaching Students Close Reading Skills with Twitter

Moving on from teaching the general theme of women's oppression in my composition course, as I described in my last post, we've turned to a much more complex and darker play, John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi. The most corrupt characters, Ferdinand and the Cardinal (also the Duchess's brothers), are motivated by many things: money, power, maintaining a … Continue reading Teaching Students Close Reading Skills with Twitter